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Sleep Mastery

I’ve written a lot about sleep in the last 4 months. During that time, my posts:

Have been some of my personal favorites and some of the most popular. “Make Waking Up Early a Habit” in particular has accounted for a whopping 20% of all of my traffic. Looking at all of this data as it came in, I realized something: people have a lot of trouble with sleeping well, and they want to sleep better.

I’ve always been very interested in sleep. I’ve done huge amounts of research on it, played with my sleep schedule in every possible way, and collected a lot of data and information in the process.

Over the summer, I set aside time in the evenings and weekends to work on compiling this information into one big resource on mastering your sleep, and it’s finally finished. I was going to release it on Amazon as an eBook, but I’ve decided to do something different.

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In it, you’ll learn:

  • More on how to wake up early easily every day
  • How to fall asleep quickly every night
  • The dangers of sleep deprivation
  • How your lifestyle affects your sleep
  • How your diet impacts your sleep
  • Supplements to improve your sleep
  • More about common stimulants
  • How to lucid dream
  • How to sleep Polyphasically

I hope you enjoy the book! And please send me feedback at, or in the comments below.

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