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I saw Mike Burns promoting his new book “Simpler” on Twitter last week and picked it up out of curiosity. True to its name, it’s a clear, concise, and simple (in the best way) guide to living with a minimalist mindset. It’s chock full of useful tactics to declutter the parts of your life that need it, and to help you recognize what you should be focusing on in your day to day life.

If you’re like me, then this quote from the book will resonate with you:

“We cram every activity we can into our schedule. We buy stuff we don’t need to fill spaces we can’t maintain. We rent storage units for the overflow that won’t fit into our houses. And it’s taking its toll… Minimalism is about eliminating the unnecessary so you can focus on what’s most important”

Mike breaks the book down into two sections: a defense of minimalism, and then a section on practical advice for how to pursue it. This second section is 100% great advice for new habits to develop, and I’ll share some of the bigger themes of them with you to peak your interest and hopefully inspire you to support Mike.

Declutter Your Mind

This section gives you practical advice for automating the processes you can, keeping your appointments and commitments in order, eliminating anything that you don’t need, and giving everything in your life a place to go–nothing floating around.

Declutter Your Inbox

Great advice on changing your email habits. He covers topics such as managing what’s not necessary, giving everything a home, and making sure you take the time to process to zero.

Declutter Your Paperwork

Similar to the Inbox section, this part provides useful advice on making sure you aren’t being overwhelmed by paper at work and at home. What can you switch to digital? What can you automate? How to remove paper clutter from your life.

Declutter Your Home/Workplace

Advice on making cleaning a non-daunting process, one you can become proud of and do consistently. I actually put the book down partway through this section because it made me want to organize my space so much!

Simpler is a really great book if you want to learn more about the benefits of living minimally and practical advice on how to do it. Mike has a great way of writing that’s engaging and makes you go “oh, wow, he’s exactly right, I’d never thought of it that way.”

If you want to connect with Mike, here’s his twitter.



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