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At university, I read on the way to and from class and manage to finish a book in a week or two. I really enjoy this habit, but now that I’m off campus for the summer I’ve not had that cue to read. This week I’m going to try to develop a daily reading habit, with the intention of reading a full book each week.


To do this I’ll need to establish a cue to start reading. I go to sleep between 10 and 10:30, and I see immediately before that as the best “consistent” time to do some reading. I think what I’ll try for as my cue is the time 9:30pm, giving me enough time to read the amount of my book that I need to and without it being too intrusive in my day to day schedule.


If I want to read a book every week, then I’ll need to read approximately 14-15% of it each day. There may be days where I have a conflict and have to do something until past 9:30 (dinner and a movie for example) so I’m going to say 20% of a book each night so I have some buffer room. Since I use a kindle, this will be very easy to measure, as it displays what percentage of the book you’re at while you’re reading.


I really enjoy reading, I just find it hard to get myself to start it. I’m not too concerned with the reward for this one because I think it’s fun I just have to find a consistent way to get myself to start doing it. Also finishing books is rewarding in itself.

Update 1: 5/25

I’ve actually found it rather hard to get into reading at night. It’s something I definitely want to do, but something that’s been difficult to get to nonetheless. I think part of it has to do with the more “serious” nature of the books I’m reading, and the fact that they don’t lend themselves well to being entertaining while I’m half asleep.

What I have found effective though is finding time pockets in my schedule where I can squeeze in some reading. I said I used to read to and from class, and that was a good way to make use of what would have otherwise been “dead” time. I think I’m going to try doing this as actively as trying to read at night, and see which one sticks better.

Update 2: 5/27 (One Week)

I’ve been successfully reading every day, and I’ve decided to stick with using reading on my kindle to fill the downtime. It’s amazing how the pages add up when you do this, and I feel like I’m wasting a lot less time. I’ll definitely continue this and keep updating as I go.



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